These questions are frequent, thus why they're important!
Yes, it's a lot to read, but it's essential to know what you're getting.


You and your crew are based across the Midwest, how does that work? Brett is based in Omaha, Nebraska and travels anywhere and everywhere. Peter is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska and is always down to travel for a session or wedding. Addie is based in Omaha, Nebraska year-round and travels to wherever photography takes her. Jules lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, visits Colorado frequently, and is available for world-wide bookings. Ben lives in Chicago year-round, but spends most of his time on the road for sessions and weddings

How do we know what photographer we are getting? You are the one who decides who you want! As long as they're available, then that is who will photograph your love!

What exactly is an associate photographer if we hire them? I, Brett Brooner, am the initial contact for the associates. I coordinate with their schedules on who is available for what dates. I respond first to your inquiry and am also in charge of managing the contracts, booking the wedding date and handle all payments.  I also am the editor of all engagement sessions and weddings in order to keep consistency with our work and deliver timeless imagery for you! I'm the customer service and the crew are the creatives. The reason why I have associates is because I can only physically take on so many weddings a year. It’s my goal to make sure every couple receives the attention they deserve and to also make sure that someone with the right talent and skill is at their wedding to photograph everything correctly. Each associate is handpicked by me based on their talent and personality in order to deliver the same experience that I do! They'll photograph your engagement/wedding, handle conversations and schedule engagement sessions while I handle all the business end of stuff! Once you book an associate, I'll make introductions! Collectively we have booked/photographed close to 300 weddings in the past 5 years.

How long until photos are delivered? Wedding photos are contracted for 8-10 weeks, but usually take 3-4 weeks! I pride myself on my editing workflow, so I have the process mastered perfectly. And nope, I don't rush editing at all - the team makes sure to photograph correctly, which then makes the editing process and delivery that much faster!

Do we get all of our photos? Duh! I don't deliver photos that you're blinking in, derp facing, blurry or just any unflattering photo! An average delivery for weddings is anywhere between 600-1000 images. There's no limit on the amount of photos delivered, sometimes galleries see over 1,000 photos. It all depends on how long we're hired for and also how much is happening on the wedding day. You will not receive any RAW (un-edited photos) from us - essentially you're hiring us for our shooting and editing style and trusting that we are sending you nothing but the best photos! We won't leave anyone salty.

How are photos delivered? Photos are delivered through an online gallery. They'll be the high-resolution photos and you'll have full access to download photos, print photos and share photos on social media.

Do you have past reviews from couples? Yep! You can read reviews on each photographer here >>>> REVIEWS.

How do we book?I will send you a contract with the package you decide to book via an online contract site. From there, you’ll be able to fill out the contract and sign— all online! You’ll pay a 25% retainer of the total package price and then the remaining 75% is due two weeks prior to your wedding date. You’ll also be added into our private Facebook group once you book, which is for helpful tips, ideas, vendor recommendations (if you need them) and just moral support through your wedding planning :) It's full of past and future clients that are also helping out and suggesting ideas/vendors from their experiences.

Do we meet with clients before booking? Since I book around 45 weddings a year, photograph 45+ engagement sessions a year and edit ALL of the associates sessions/weddings, including all of mine, I feel it’s not necessary anymore. We have reviews and we are also extremely transparent on the website to make sure we are keeping it 100. You’ll know if we are a good fit for you! Trust me, we aren't weirdos! We're setting you up for an easy and honest process - nothing but #SUCCESS.

Can you talk more about the budget pricing? Ugh, I know. Talking about money is annoying, but it's something that has to be done and that's why I'm open and honest about it on my website. I get straight to the point. Operating a small business successfully isn't an easy task. We don't have an employer matching a 401k contribution and we certainly don't get health/dental benefits. We try our absolute hardest to work with everyone and anyone that we can as long as our schedules allow it, but sometimes it just doesn't line up! Some key points in bringing our pricing down into your budget include 1. having a wedding during our off season, which is December-March typically. 2. Last minute wedding that's within 3-6 months 3. Have your wedding on a weekday or Sunday.