omaha wedding photographers

Hey, I’m Brett Brooner!

Some things I find comfort in are skateboarding trails with my soon to be wife Carlie, driving on open roads with music blasting, sunrise hikes in the mountains, camping, jumping in near freezing rivers in Oregon and dinners with my family. I love my girlfriend, my family, photography (duh), traveling, weddings, watching crime movies/shows, Chicago Cubs, coca-cola, skateboarding and hanging with friends.

I'm extremely confident in my photography. I love having the responsibility of what I believe to be is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. The images aren't just for you, but for your kids and grandkids to come. I know dang well that I love looking through wedding photos of my mom and dad. 

I couldn't care less about social media or submitting my work to win awards. All I care about is that you both are extremely pleased with what I capture for you. I won't only be snapping photos, but I'm very experienced in setting up timelines and helping you plan the day out perfectly and stress free.



I'm extremely dedicated and passionate about love, thus why I absolutely enjoy spending time with people who are in love. To the right is a photo of right after I proposed to Carlie in Oregon in March of 2017! Soon we'll be married and that's exactly why weddings and marriage gets me hyped.

A few other things about me:

TIME Magazine featured me as a top 50 Instagram photographer to follow, so that was cool. Read about it here.

I used to own an agency called The Visuals Collective. It was geared towards helping photographers share their stories across the world and connecting with people internationally. Before selling the agency, it closed in on 460,000 followers! The agency allowed me to work with companies like ONA Bags, Lexar Memory (R.I.P.), Pepsi, Huckberry, Qdoba, Squarespace, Google, Sackcloth & Ashes, Holdfast Gear, Bark Thins and Walgreens!


omaha wedding photographers

photos above courtesy of Jackson Snyder & Ben Ramos.